A SPOTLIGHT ON aims to amplify and celebrate voices working in theatre. We want to build a platform in which people can listen and learn from each other. Our workforce and content demonstrate our commitment towards this ideal. The range of our guests demonstrates our commitment to elevate diverse and disparate voices in the industry.

We stand against systemic racism and all acts of prejudice or violence targeting any group of people in our industry, society and communities. We believe in the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We also recognise that clear action is required to uphold these values.

We have formulated the following steps towards upholding these values, which we hold at the core of our work:

  1.  We will use our platform to make theatre accessible to all

A SPOTLIGHT ON was founded to shine a light on the theatre industry and give our viewers a look beyond the curtain. One aim is to promote access to this industry for all.

To ensure we achieve this we will:

  1. Regularly produce and release content taking our viewers to the heart of the industry, including exclusive interviews with key players across all theatrical disciplines

  2. Specifically explore entry into the industry in each interview or series we produce and encourage this aim in the external content we programme

  3. Truthfully depict barriers to accessing the industry in the content we produce, and encourage this aim in the external content we programme

  4. Consistently investigate relevant topics in content released on our platform and encourage this aim in the external content we programme

We will also regularly release content freely accessible on our social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube

  1.  We will amplify diverse voices

We think representation matters. Our guests will exceed the diversity of our society. Not every experience or point of view will be shared by everyone but every episode will be an opportunity to discuss issues respectfully. We encourage you to make your decision to watch accordingly.

  1.  We will create a company culture that further nourishes diversity, equity, and inclusion

We will strive to make our workplace a safe place for all, providing dedicated resources for diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We will ensure the voices of everyone on our team can be heard.